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what i bought in june

After my devastating closet crisis of Spring 2015, I decided June was the time to take back my wardrobe. I set out to start thrifting again, re-introduce color and pattern into my closet, and, most of all, buy pieces I’m truly excited about. I’ll say it: I did a great job this month. I am feel so eager to wear my clothes every day and make new, fun outfits. I think I did a pretty good job of buying diverse-enough pieces that I won’t feel the need to shop much in July or August. Maybe a few accessories, but I’m feeling like a new woman…or, more correctly, like myself again.
Enough with all the dramatics. Here’s what I bought in June!

what i bought in june

Blue Poplin Dress from Old Navy – $22.99 (on sale!)
Le Grand Tee Dress in Black from LOFT – $37 (on sale!) (seen here)
Green Eyelet Dress from Old Navy – $5.99 (thrifted! (last season)
Blue Oxford Shirt from Old Navy – $22.00 (on sale!) (seen here)
Goldfield Skirt by Edme & Esyllte from Anthropologie – $49.99 (eBay!)
Vintage Floral Crop Top – $4.99 (thrifted!) (not pictured, but seen here)
Total: $301.54
One of the things I’m really excited about is a bunch of pretty dresses. If you saw my closet in years’ past, the majority of my hangers were holding pretty dresses in a variety of colors and textures. Being able to wear a dress most days a week has been so nice — who doesn’t love the ease of wearing one piece to work?

I’ve been following Fran’s How to Build a Cohesive Wardrobe series and one piece of advice I found really helpful was to find your 10 favorite outfits on Pinterest and determine what elements make you like them. For instance, this pin told me I need to get a midi dress in my closet, this pin is the epitome of my love of patterned button downs, this pin reminded me how much I love wearing shades of poppy and coral as a blonde, this pin reinvigorated my love of ’60s silhouettes, and this pin (and basically all the others on my to wear board) inspired the purchase of my printed midi skirt (more on this one coming soon!).

It kind of goes against everything I’ve ever learned about shopping, but it was nice to shop without a real shopping list. I went exploring, instead of just running an errand. I knew some silhouettes I was looking for and I had these pins in mind while shopping, but I also got to try on pieces that inspired me on a deeper level. I think because of my experience with capsule challenges, I know the colors I’m drawn to and the pieces that will inevitable go together, because this collection — while not meant to be a collection at all — is actually pretty cohesive. Coral, chartreuse, blue, and black are still my main colors, as they’ve always been, and there are so many layering options!

As far as budget, I’m still sort of figuring out what makes sense for my life. I definitely spent more this month that usual, but 1. I think it was clear that I had the need and 2. I didn’t buy much in May. Though, buying 12 pieces for $300 isn’t too bad. I only paid full price for half the items and only one of those items was over $40, and that item was a pair of shoes.

One of my 26 before 26 goals is to go one whole month without shopping. I’m considering making that month July, but I haven’t decided yet…so stay tuned on that I guess!

This month I’m linking up with Fran’s Budgeting Bloggers, so be sure to check out her June buys and the other awesome bloggers in the link-up!

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