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It’s officially June, which means it’s officially summer! I’m so excited to have the best summer ever, y’all. I’m so excited for day trips, nights by the pool, margaritas with brunch, and playing at the park. If you couldn’t tell, summer is my favorite season, making June one of my favorite months! June is also a busy month for us with Dago’s birthday on the 3rd and our anniversary on the 12th. Lots to get done this month, so let’s get into some small goals!
Here’s what I did (and didn’t do) in May:
1. celebrate me for my birthday | done!
2. finish up and reflect on my 25 before 25 list | done!
3. get my 26 before 26 list polished and posted | done!
4. take salad to work one day a week | nopenopenope. I didn’t even do this once.
5. go for a walk one day a week | done! The weather here in Austin definitely tried to keep me from it, but Dago and I managed to walk once a week this month! Wish it had been more often, but that darn rain would. not. stop!
4/5 is never a bad ratio! I’m crossing my fingers that I do at least as well with my goals for June:
1. celebrate our anniversary with a day trip | Last year we went to Fredricksburg for our anniversary and it was the most fun thing ever, so this year we’re going to go for another day trip! This time around we’re thinking Pedernales State Falls, which happens to be on my 26 before 26 list anyway!
2. buy a dryer | Also on my 26 before 26, I’m hoping to buy a dryer this month! It’s going to be our anniversary gift and, honestly, it’s going to be the best gift we can give ourselves because they dryer-less life is not cute.
3. hang out in the pool | It’s warm, the water is cool, why not? But, from last summer, I know it’ll only happen if I make it a goal!
4. walk at least once a week | Again, I think I’ll only stick to walking once a week if it’s a goal because it hasn’t become a real habit yet.
5. set up Buffer to schedule social content | My dear friend Mia (who recorded the funniest episode of our podcast with us last week!) introduced me to this cool app that helps you schedule all kinds of social content from Facebook to Pinterest! I’m excited to get some new eyes on my blog thanks to this helpful tool!

What are you up to this month?

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