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For a couple of years before we even started our podcast, Dago would play shows around the house and we’d listen on the weekends while we read blogs or did chores. It was so fun to feel like we were hanging out with all of these smart, cool people without having to leave our living room!

While Dago used to do the majority of the podcast-listening and choosing, listening to podcasts has become a fun new source of both entertainment and self-care for me. I spend way too much of my day looking at a screen, so it can actually be nice to listen to something without needing to also watch it (note: this doesn’t mean I’m watching any less television, however). I especially enjoy plugging in and catching up on a few episodes while I’m responding to emails at work or doing relatively menial tasks that don’t require too much attention.

While you’ve probably heard of Serial and maybe even checked out some of the shows Dago mentioned in our Q&A from earlier this week, I wanted to share a few of my favorite shows that I think you’ll enjoy too!

The Lively Show | Blogger and life coach Jess Lively interviews inspiring humans about their journey in finding happiness and success through living with intention. Every episode is filled with gems you’ll want to retweet and tattoo on your brain. Topics range from career to wellness to relationships and more. Even stories that I don’t explicitly identify with leave me more understanding, empathetic, and motivated. This is a great show to listen to when you’re experiencing self-doubt or you need that extra push to take the next step in the direction of happiness. website | twitter | facebook

Fake Goth Girls | This is a new show by my dear blogging friend Mia and her fellow geek girl Liz about geek culture, pop culture, and lady culture. The hosts are a blast to listen to even when I don’t get all the references, and they have me rapidly live-tweeting during my lunch break about all the things I agreed with them about from body positive music to television spoilers. I love the structure of this show and we’ve even taken some cues from them! Their episodes always end with each host revealing what made them “fake” that week, which is both a cool way to get to know them and a neat commentary on the labels we put on each other (especially women!). | website | twitter | facebook

What’s The Tea | This is the first show I ever truly fell in love with and the hosts hold a special place in my heart. Nic and Reg are childhood best friends living in different states who catch up every week with each other and all of us. They talk about Black culture, pop culture, musical theatre, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The set-up for the show revolves around each host asking the other “what’s in their tea kettle” this week, which makes me feel like I’ve just sat down in a comfy chair with a mug of hot tea to laugh with my friends. Also, as a side note, Nicole and I are actual twins, which makes listening to WTT even more fun for me. We even share a birthday! | itunes | twitter

Here You’ll Hate This | Another new show started by a friend, Here You’ll Hate This chronicles the exchange of various pop culture by the hosts that the other is sure to hate. Each week, the pair reconvenes having consumed the film/record/book/etc to discuss their thoughts. Oh, did I mention that the show is hosted by two of the funniest people in Austin? Both Courtney and Tre are improv comedians taking over my city and the world. If you like to laugh and maybe learn about a movie or book you haven’t yet absorbed, you’ll enjoy this show. | website

For now these shows have been my main listens, but a friend recently tweeted this awesome list of female-hosted pods to me and I’ll be checking them out soon! I’ll be sure to report back with my best findings. What are your favorite pods? I’m always looking for new shows!

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