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You know how there are some things you want, and then others that you need. I find that I most realize what I need when 1. I find myself reaching for something in my closet that isn’t there, or 2. I wish I had a different something from the thing I reach for. This became painfully clear last summer when I first recognized that I needed black sandals, and then proceeded to buy a pair that I hated wearing.
The sandals I bought were from American Eagle (seen here) and they fit all the criteria I thought I had. They had an ankle strap, didn’t go between my toes, and weren’t patent leather or some weird material. Unfortunately, I learned upon their arrival that they had the slightest wedge on the heel. The wedge was super short and super thin, making me walk like a newborn foal. I would go out of my way to not wear outfits that required a black sandal because I so dreaded wearing them.
This year, I’m trying again. I love the look of the thicker covered section at the front of the sandal (no idea what to call that??), but I tried on this Gap pair and it rubbed my toes when I walked, so I didn’t buy them. The Steve Madden pair is almost identical to the cognac pair of sandals I already own and love (seen here), which makes them a top contender. I’d love to get something a little different, though, if I can find the right pair!
Seen any black sandals you think might be the ones? I’d love to see! What’s on your list this week?
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