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It’s April! In fact, it’s almost mid-April. Sorry for the mini blogging break. I try to not apologize for taking time away from this space, but I can’t help it. Though, I never really take time away. Even if I’m not writing a blog post here, I’m brainstorming, making lists, planning photo shoots, doing research, checking out new arrivals to share with you, etc.
That aside, the reason I’ve been away boils down, mostly, to dizziness. I mentioned in my last couple of small goals posts that I’ve been experiencing more frequent uncomfortable bouts of dizziness. I finally had my doctor’s appointment with an ENT at the end of March and was diagnosed with Migraine Equivalent Vertigo. Never heard of it? Yeah, neither has anyone else. Basically, the way that most people get migraines — frequent long periods of extremely painful headaches — I get with dizziness. It’s still kind of like a headache for me; I get a terrible pressure in the front of my skull, and inconsolable pain in my eyes. To put the dizziness part in perspective, it’s that feeling like when you’re on a swing and you swing backwards and you sort of lose your bearings and you get that fast pressure in your skull and your brain feels like it shrivels a little. The same feeling you get when you go up in an elevator. But for like…an hour and a half at a time, if not more.
While being on the computer doesn’t instigate this feeling, looking at a screen for 9 hours at work + 4-5 hours at home certainly doesn’t help. As much as I’ve wanted to write (especially after coming down from my TxSC high!), I’ve almost literally not been able to type here. 
So, that’s a little about where I’ve been the last couple of weeks. Because my brain is starting to do the shrivel thing, let’s get into the goals from last month and the new ones for April!
1. get all things CAMP in order and have the best weekend ever | DONE!!!
2. pay off my credit cards | DONE!!!
3. explore acupuncture | Sorta done? I did some research and got some awesome insight from a lovely friend of mine. I’m seeing a neurologist and physical therapist for my newly-named Migraine Equivalent Vertigo, but I’m going to ask both about acupuncture as a possible method of relief.
4. make some progress in a book | done! I’m almost finished reading Not That Kind of Girl!
5. become a salad eater | Oh gosh. Not necessarily done, but progress! It took a few different tries, but I’ve been loving spring greens, carrots, and Italian dressing for something light, but still filling. I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but I realized that keeping things simple can be delicious.
Aaaand onto April! These are some pretty lofty goals for a month that we’re already significantly into, but let’s do it anyway, right?
1. Give physical therapy a try | Who knew they could do physical therapy for your eyes and ears? Apparently, they can, so I may as well give it a try!
2. Go for at least 1 walk per week | Now that it gets dark later and it’s warmer out, I need to get back in the habit of taking walks in the park for self-care. It’s so hard to get in the rhythm of things you haven’t done in a while, but putting goals here helps me be more accountable for things I want to do.
3. Review Not That Kind of Girl | Now that I’ve finally almost finished this book, I’m excited to get another book review up! In case you missed it, here’s my review of Yes Please.
4. Create a media kit | In blogging goals for this month, it’s time to finally make a media kit. Anyone have a favorite guide for blog media kits or awesome tips for me? Please share!
5. Make Breakfast for Dinner business cards | For similar reasons, it’s time our little podcast baby has some business cards! People ask me where to find BFD way more often than they ask about my blog, and I’d love for us to have something to give them!
What are you up to in April?
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