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Ahhh, it’s March, y’all. We made it. Can we all just take a deep breath together? February is always tough for me. The month is simultaneously too short and too long. I always try to cram too much stuff into 28 days, while I’m constantly wishing it would just end so we can get to spring and move on from the cold weather. It’s been so dreary and cold and I’m sick of all my winter clothes. But, I did manage to get a few things done despite all of that!
1. make and gift cute Valentine’s crafts | Done! I forgot to Instagram them before I gave them out because I was just too excited, but damn were they cute. If I were a better blogger I would have done a tutorial or something. Next year! (Makes imaginary note for February 2016.)
2. step up my ‘gram game | Done! I love the way my Insta feed looks these days. Glad I went back to all-square pics. Also, I hit 1000 followers over the weekend — yippee!
3. dye my hair | Not done because of lack of funds, but hopefully happening super soon! Stay tuned.
4. finish Not That Kind of Girl | Hahaha, no. I should have made this goal “start Not That Kind of Girl” because then maybe I would have accomplished it. Instead I didn’t even open the cover. Whoops!
5. make an appointment regarding my dizzy spells | Done! Unfortunately, the appointment isn’t until March 26 because it’s with a specialist and apparently those appointments are few and far between. Trying my best to hold out until then!
So, I didn’t get everything done I set out to do, but I did okay! March will be better. March is always better.
1. get all things CAMP in order and have the best weekend ever | The official countdown to CAMP has begun! I have SO much to do, and lots of exciting news which I’ll be sharing soon. I have a bunch of upcoming CAMP-related posts, so more on this later.
2. pay off my credit cards | I filed my taxes over the weekend and was blessed with a major tax return (to give you some perspective, I had to pay back almost as much last year). I’m going to put it directly to my credit cards, and then to the last payments on my laptop. Getting out of this dumb mini-debt I’ve caused will help me focus on paying towards my massive pile of student loans and generally surviving.
3. explore acupuncture | People consistently recommend I try acupuncture for my various ailments (and specifically my dizziness), and since I have never heard anything negative about it ever, I figure I should at least look into it. I got the card of a acupuncture and massage therapist whose office is next to my therapist’s, so I’ll hopefully do a little research and give her a call. Do I know any acupuncture experts? Any of you have any experience with it?
4. make some progress in a book | Any book! I have a bad habit of getting out of the reading rhythm and then feeling too guilty to start again. March is going to be a ridiculously busy month, but I want to get back in the routine of reading before bed and on weekends to get away from the screens for a bit.
5. become a salad eater | My most recent therapy appointment accidentally turned into a grocery shopping/cooking class where we tried to nail down what I might eat in a salad. I can tell that my body is craving greens lately, and I’ve been trying in general to be better about listening to my bodies needs and giving in when I can. We decided on romaine lettuce + avocado + creamy Italian garlic dressing. I wanted something leafy that wasn’t spinach or kale, avocado, and something creamy but light on top. I’ll probably make a salad for dinner tonight, so I’ll let you know how it goes! If you’re a salad lover, I’m into suggestions!
What’s on your to-do list for March?
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