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It has rained every time Briley and I have tried to take photos since Valentine’s, which is why you haven’t seen an outfit around here since then. My favorite bloggers Alissa and Fran both posted lists of 10 things their readers didn’t know about them, so I thought that would be a fun alternative to an outfit post on a Wednesday.  Pretend this post is just as interesting as a new spring dress and a pair of booties, okay?

1. I had never tried a McDonald’s burger until college. Now quarter-pounders-with-cheese are my guiltiest pleasure!
2. If we’re at a restaurant, 9 times out of 10 I will order lemonade. I’ve never been a big soda drinker and the only soda I drink is Sprite when I’m feeling queasy.
3. I will almost always choose sour candy over chocolate. That is unless the chocolate is Reese’s or filled with raspberry cream.
4. Just realized these have all been about food so far, so to change the subject, I took swimming lessons every summer as a kid until I was about 10. I stopped because I refused to learn to dive or even jump off the diving board.
5. That said, I’m afraid of deep water (more than 8 feet, and I’m really not even good with that), as well as fire, heights, and leeches.
6. I play fantasy soccer for both English Premier League and Major League Soccer. Considering both of my teams are built out of only the most attractive players in their leagues, I’m doing pretty well!
7. As much as I like to look at soccer players, I do actually follow Swansea FC, a Welsh team in the EPL. I even get updates to my phone when I can’t watch the games!
8. I have been a nail-biter my entire life. As a very young kid, one of my parents told me that my nails would just stay in my stomach forever, and then I started believing that if I ever had children they would come out covered in nail bits. My parents deny this ever happening, and I still bite my nails today.
9. I have never seen more than an episode of Friends or Seinfeld, but I own every season of Sex and the City. I’ve watched the whole series twice and seen every episode close to four or five times on separate occasions.
10. I had a blog before Writes Like A Girl called From Kitten to Cat where I was going to chronicle my life as an almost-grad. I think I wrote three or four posts there before giving up.
So there you have it! If you’re interested in learning more, here are some similar list posts from other slow content days! eleven, Proust Q&A, ‘fess up 

What don’t we know about you? I love learning random facts about people!

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