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blazer: Forever 21 (similar) // blouse: Forever 21 (similar) // jeans: Forever 21 // shoes: LuLu*s

photos by Briley Noel

I am especially short on words and feeling a little all over the place today, so let me just say that:

01. I really love this outfit. I felt simultaneously like a genius and a dope when I thought of it because, duh, how had I not thought of it before.

02. Buying a blazer without a collar was an excellent choice. I tend to get sad looking at photos of myself where I have a stiff and masculine collar because it doesn’t quite feel like me. This feminine take on the classic is much more my style and I feel great both wearing it and seeing it in photos.

03. I’m taking new head shots for work this week and I’m putting a stupid amount of thought into it. Because you definitely care, I’ve decided that I want to appear creative, rather than simply professional, but I want to look legit and not flighty. My solution? A headscarf, of course! Briley is taking our head shots (because she’s the best), so I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out.

04. If you have any extra posi vibes (or if you’re the praying type) and can send them our way, it would mean the world. I’ve vaguely mentioned that there is some family stuff going on, and someone has a big surgery today who could use your good thoughts.

It’s Wednesday! We can do this!

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