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I recently noticed that I’ve been pulling from the same collection of clothing when putting together outfits since about October. After doing the 30×30 last spring and a workwear 7×7 in the summer, I got a pretty good grasp on the whole idea behind creating a capsule. The point is to get a lot of use out of your clothes by mixing wardrobe staples with interesting stand out pieces…again and again. Who doesn’t want to love their clothes? When I’m standing in LOFT or scrolling through ASOS (my two favorite four-letter words), and I spot something I can’t live without, I want to know that I really couldn’t live without it. This sounds dramatic, but my point is that I want my clothing to have a real purpose in my closet and in my life, and using the capsule as a guide has helped me do that.
I thought it would be fun to share my fall/winter 2015 “capsule” with y’all to show you what can come from the basics of capsule dressing. My preface for this is that I don’t blog everything I wear, so there have been a few more variations on outfits than you see here, and also a lot of repeats of these outfits over the last few months.


The items:

Tops // teal blouse, black floral blouse, grey tee, gingham shirt, emerald sweater, white sweater
Dresses // LBD, burgundy floral dress, teal printed dress
Outerwear // grey cardigan, black blazer, navy blazer
Bottoms // gold skirt, black midi skirt, tweed mini, polka dot skirt, black skinnies, blue skinnies
Shoes // berry flats, brown flats, silver flats, black flats, tan booties, black boots, cognac boots
The thing I think is most interesting here, as a blogger, is that I didn’t share brand new clothes every outfit post. For a whole season, I pulled from the same pile of clothes to make new outfits that wore in my real life. Some of these items are new, but many of them are from seasons’ past. Because of my experience with capsules, I was able to think in terms of color palette (check out a really cool perspective on color palettes here!) and remixing options when I shopped for a few new items this season. 
I think this is as good a time as any to say this: for me, capsule dressing is not about minimalism. I am not a minimalist. It’s just not in my blood, and even though it’s something I could try to do if I really wanted to (I do love a good goal), I don’t want to. I don’t want to be a minimalist. What I want is to make better outfits and have a better closet. These are my goals when I’m shopping. Not to own less things. I love owning things! Judge me all you want, but I do me and I support you doing you. This is a judge-free, minimalist-free zone, my friends.
For me, the idea of a capsule wardrobe is about being able to put on clothes without having a major breakdown every time. In a lot of ways, my attraction to the idea of capsule collections is an attempt to cope with my anxiety, depression, and deeply-rooted body issues. If my closet is full of things that make me 1. happy 2. feel good, I’m going to get through my day in a better mood, get more done, and avoid crying in the kitchen at work because I hate the way my sweater looks with my dress.
To be honest, the whole capsule idea sort of goes back to the reason I started blogging. I don’t think I’m the best dressed person and I know my outfits aren’t that interesting. So why do I blog outfits? Because I think maybe someone will get a little inspiration for how they can style that one item in their closet they feel clueless about; maybe something I post will be their new favorite item to wear; maybe they’ll feel more confident trying something new or getting in touch with the clothes in their closet or how to shop for new ones.

If you’re interested in hearing more perspectives on capsule collections, I super encourage you to check out what Fran and Adina have to say.

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