10 reasons not to be afraid of CAMP

camp-texlakePhoto taken at Camp Texlake circa 1997(??), the same camp where TxSC ’15 will be held! Can you spot me?

I still remember my first time going to Girl Scout camp. I was simultaneously so excited and extremely nervous. No one in my troop was going to the same session, I was worried about sleeping in a strange outdoor bed, and I wasn’t so sure about the whole showering in the woods thing. Turns out, these are natural things that everyone feels before going to camp the first time!
As you may have heard, Texas Style Council is happening in March, and this year we’re going to CAMP (Creating A Meaningful Purpose). A lot of bloggers might be a little wary of a conference where heels are not only discouraged — they aren’t allowed — and I’ve heard rumblings from some bloggers that “camping just isn’t [their] thing.” I’m here to tell you that camp (and CAMP) isn’t scary, and can totally be your thing. Here are 10 things you’ll be missing out on if you don’t join us for CAMP ’15.
1. Sleeping bags are like zip-up onesies. You don’t have to worry about your blanket falling off in the middle of the night. You’re a human burrito and you’re deliciously comfortable.
2. Being away from cell service is actually pretty awesome. You’re always reading that you should “unplug” more, and what better way to tech detox than when your Instagram upload keeps failing anyway?
3. Eating in the mess hall is like being at Thanksgiving, but only with people you like. Plus extra servings of chicken nuggets if you’re nice to the kitchen staff!
4. Not into community showers? You’ve been looking for an excuse to get your favorite dry shampoo company to sponsor you. This is it! 
5. Ever heard the song “Make new friends, but keep the old,”? It’s so true! You might be nervous that you don’t know anyone, or that everyone will already have friends and you’ll be left out, but camp is about everyone making new friends.
6. If you, like me, are afraid of fire, don’t fret! Campfire time is a lot less about setting random foliage to flame and a LOT more about skits and songs and sharing in the magic of Sisterhood. Also, before you go home, be sure to collect a little bit of ash in a film canister to share in your next campfire! It’s a tradition that helps us all stay connected, no matter where we’re camping.
7. The idea of sleeping outdoors can be a little eerie, but checking out the stars without all those city lights and smog is a great reminder that you aren’t the only thing inhabiting the planet. If a little star can make that much light, imagine what you can do!
8. What happens at CAMP, stays at CAMP. Some of my most emotionally intimate experiences have been late at night at camp, talking about deepest hopes and dreams, sharing secrets, and learning that I’m a little less alone in the world. (Oh, you make up dances to Britney Spears songs alone in your room? ME TOO.)
9. Because you are in a place with new people, away from those who know (or think they know) you, you’re able to be totally, truly yourself. I feel so free at camp because I never have to hide who I am. Everyone here is a little dirty and sweaty, sharing in new and maybe uncomfortable experiences, and we’re all on the same, equal playing field. No one is better than anyone else when we’re all in the dark playing flashlight tag or trying to catch a grasshopper or doing Destiny’s Child karaoke. When you come to camp, commit to being real and not worrying about the rest.
10. Memories! If you’re the scrapbooking type, your pages are about to be filled with inside jokes and learning experiences and nicknames and so much fun. You’re going to have at least a week’s worth of blog content with everything you’re going to learn from the rad group of speakers, but you’re also going to have some really cool experiences you won’t get at any other kind of conference. This is what makes TxSC special. It’s about you, your community, and your creativity, and you’ll be able to carry that with you wherever you go. #cherishthemems
So, are you registered for CAMP yet? I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but this is the last TxSC ever. This is your opportunity to make new friends, reconnect with your creative spirit, and remember why you started blogging in the first place.
For people who love the buddy system as much as I do, TxSC and Squarespace are running a giveaway for you and your bestie/bunkmate to win tickets to TxSC (and your choice of prints from BFF team Maiedae!). Enter two ways: 1. Via Instagram: upload a photo of you and your best friend and mention @squarespace and #txscbff. 2. Simply leave your name and email address at Winner will be randomly chosen this Friday 2/6/15.
Also, if you’re interested in coming to TxSC but have some questions before packing your bag, feel free to email me! I’m on staff this year, which means I have access to all the answers.

Can’t wait to see y’all in March at CAMP!

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