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a little teal, a little tweed

LOFT Outlet tweed skirtjewel tone tweed skirtcolorful winter outfit

blouse: Forever 21 (very similar) // skirt: LOFT Outlet (similar one and two) // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar)
photos by Briley Noel

I picked up this skirt at the LOFT Outlet just before Christmas and I’m so glad I did. On the way home I couldn’t stop thinking of fun ways to style it, and this is one of my favorites so far (see how I wore it on Christmas here). I’ve been wanting a colored tweed skirt for ages (I would link to an early wishlist post, but I’ll spare your senses). This one is ideal because it’s got a whole slew of jewel tones, perfect for pulling out different pops of color. This time I paired it with my favorite teal blouse, which made me feel super effortless.

I love that this skirt looks great with a light blouse, but can also be worn with a thicker sweater or a button down. The trick is tucking your top into your tights. No bunching! No loose tucks! Smoothing powers!

How do you want to see me style this skirt next? I already have an outfit in my queue for the next time I wake up late and flustered, but I love hearing how y’all would style things I own!

P.S. Thanks for all the sweet words on yesterday’s post! Y’all are the best always.

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