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Happy New Year’s Eve, y’all! For some reason it’s surreal every time one year ends and another begins. You’d think after 24 years I’d have gotten the hang of it. I do love a new year, though. Not only is it an excuse to get gussied up, but it’s a fresh start right in the middle of a season that seems like it never ends (I’m looking at you, winter). Back in my hotline days, I always requested to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas so I could have New Year’s Eve off. My plans rarely live up to my expectations, but I still enjoy having the time to move a little bit slower and on my own terms as the clock changes from 11:59 to 12:00 and from one year to the next.
I know you’re probably getting hit on social media with round up posts from every blog you’ve ever followed, but hopefully you can live with just one more from me! I shared my favorite outfits and my favorite moments of 2014, so it only seemed right to share my favorite posts from the last year.
Starting from the top: 
I bought a new dress and got real about some body image struggles in smock and awe
I shared a few little known facts about myself in eleven
I wrote about a challenging and new feeling in on anger
I showed you my favorite ice cream spot in lick | favorite austin eats
I shed some light for Pinterest newbies in pinners’ guide
I came up with a special phrase to help me remember why I started in my mantra
I let you know about my favorite product of all time in products that work | batiste dry shampoo
I reminisced on the anniversary of Wendy Davis filibuster in one year ago
I opened up about my love for poetry in poetry church
I shared a few of my favorite ways to stay close with far away friends in keeping in touch
I celebrated another blogging milestone in year three
I revealed my process for choosing an interview outfit in what to wear: to a creative interview
I showed you the method to my madness in tips | online shopping
I got real about mental health and blogging in on writing and depression
I wrote about a serious case of female harassment in why leaked photos of celebrities matter
aaand I waxed poetic about wanting a new tattoo, but not knowing if I should in to tattoo or not tattoo
It was a great year in blogging and I can’t wait to keep improving and share more, better content with y’all in the new year!
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