friendship sisterhood

my girl gang | part two

photos by Katie Jameson
Things I love: my best friends, pizza, a picnics on cute quilts. Luckily, this photo shoot has all three! I mentioned that both Briley and Shelby are December babes, and I thought it would be fun to have a little birthday party in the park. The light was ah-mazing, and the pizza was perfect (when is it not?).

I’m seriously so happy to have these photos look back at. We can all get pretty busy, and while we make sure to text every day, we don’t always have a chance to see each other even every week. Briley stays busy making beautiful art and Shelby moved to San Antonio to do some really important work. We’re a group of ambitious ladies, I tell ya!

Tell me about your best friends! I’m enthusiastically overwhelmed by all this Sisterhood!

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