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photo by Briley Noel

WOW. Okay, so I know everyone is saying this at the water cooler, on Twitter, to their mom, etc etc etc, but holy cow how is it December of 2014 already. Didn’t I just make New Year’s resolutions for 2014 like a week ago? Weren’t we just celebrating Valentine’s Day? Didn’t I just do my 30×30 challenge in the sweaty Texas summer heat? Have I really set small goals for 11 months already this year? WOW.
I’ve checked the calendar on my phone and two different computers and confirmed that, yes, it is in fact December. And with a new month comes a new set of small goals to focus on. Before we get into that, here’s what I did (and maybe didn’t?) accomplish in November.
1. work towards some work-blog balance | As I mentioned last month, this isn’t the kind of goal that just gets done and then I never think about it again. I did spend a lot of time focusing on balance as a goal, and I’ve come up with some concrete things I can do in the coming weeks and months to achieve a sense of balance.
2. complete a photo project | I haven’t quite finished this yet, but I did figure out what I’m doing and I’m about halfway done. You can’t rush art!
3. do my TxSC: CAMP duties | done! (See more here.) And will continue to do through the next couple of months! I just heard that we’re 1/3 of the way sold out, so hurry and register! *hint, TxSC looks really good wrapped under a Christmas tree!
4. learn to make cornbread | done! Not only was it delicious, but it was the second-most complimented dish at my family’s Thanksgiving! Thanks, Briley!
5. check in with my 25 before 25 list | done!

I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but here are my small goals for December!
1. send out family holiday cards | Y’all, I am killin’ it with the 25 before 25 goals. Briley is going to come snap some holiday pix of me and Dago (and hopefully Contessa!) over the weekend so we can send out festive family holiday cards!
2. follow five new blogs | If I’m being honest, I’ve been feeling really uninspired by blogging lately. One thing that has actually helped has been going through my favorite bloggers’ blogroll to see who they love. It’s so fun going through the archives of a new-to-me blogger and feel more inspired by my community! Please recommend your favorite bloggers in the comments!
3. post at least 3 times a week | I used to be on such a strict blogging schedule, and then I just fell off. I have some fun content planned for December, so I better give it to you! I’m giving myself a 3-posts-a-week minimum because I know I can do better, but also life.
4. buy a dryer | Dago and I wanted to buy a dryer together last year for Chrismukkah, and then we bought a coffee table instead and have just been air drying our clothes in our guest room for a whole year. This has got to stop. Dryer 2k14 or bust.
5. reflect on 2014 and establish resolutions for 2015 | I cannot believe it’s already time to make New Year’s resolutions again. I want to spend some valuable time thinking back on this year and considering how I can make 2015 even better.
Last month of the year, y’all! Let’s do this! What are you gonna get done this month?
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