In case you hadn’t heard, it’s official: TxSC15 is on! (Oh, and I’m on staff as the Volunteer Coordinator!) This year, the conference is about getting back to basics, so the theme is CAMP. Camp means a few different things. First, the conference is being held at a Girl Scout camp just outside of Austin (my childhood camp!). Second, CAMP stands for Create A Meaningful Presence.
Whether you blog or not, you’ve probably been hearing about blogger burnt out, for bloggers and readers alike. The general feeling seems to be a resounding “why am I still doing this?” Do I have anything left to say? Do I have anything left to wear? On top of that, the blogging world has become so saturated that it’s hard to find and come up with new, original content.
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling it, especially recently. I may not have the follow many bloggers do, but I have been blogging for over three years now. Styles and trends have changed, but so has the blogging community. When I went to TxSC last year (read more about it here and here), I was disappointed in my fellow bloggers’ focus on monetizing and gaining more followers. It was all about the numbers, and not at all about the content or creativity that so drew me into blogging in the first place.
The mastermind behind TxSC, Indiana Adams of Indiana/Elsewhere and previously Adored Austin, didn’t want to put on another conference that would be more of the same. After TxSC13, she asked how the conference could be the most useful. The themes thrown around were storytelling, content creation, and inspiration discovery. This was so exciting to me, because this is what I’m most interested in as both a blogger and a reader.
CAMP is about finding a renewed sense of purpose in blogging. It’s about really saying something, making connections, and using blogging as an act of creativity instead of an act of revenue building. Personally, I’m thinking of CAMP as a sort of blogging rehab, rather than a traditional conference (I really like what Indiana has to say about that here). We’re attending as a group of women who are tired and need a little support to get back on track. That’s why the tagline for CAMP is “a weekend away for female bloggers and business owners to reconnect with their creative spirit and their community.”
I could not be more excited about leaving the baubles and blogger envy at home as we all head to CAMP. I hope you’ll join us! The conference is half the size it’s been in past years, so tickets are going fast. If you have any questions, please let me know!
Oh, and I’m staying in Standard+ Sleepers. If you’re registered already, where are you staying? Can’t wait to see you there!

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