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the blanket scarf

blanket-scarf1 blanket-scarf2banket-scarf3blanket-scarf4

scarf: Marshall’s (similar) // dress: Forever 21 // blouse: Forever 21 // boots: Chinese Laundry

photos by Briley Noel

Are three trends too many for one outfit? I’m wearing three of my favorites here: over-the-knee boots, a blouse layered under my dress, and a blanket scarf.
The Zara blanket scarf was last year’s blogger’s hot cakes. Everyone had one, and they took selfies drinking from red Starbucks cups at wreath-making get-togethers with their Best Bloggy Friends (BBFs). Little did I know, these blanket scarves are actually incredibly practical and mine has become my most favorite item to wear this season.
First, it’s warm as heck. I use mine as an actual blanket at work, which means I really bought one item that serves my two favorite purposes: comfort and cuteness. Second, it’s way easier to style than I initially expected. The way I wore it here has been my favorite so far, but it’s also cute with anything from a cable knit sweater, boyfriend jeans, and cute flats to chambray, skinny jeans, and ankle boots.

I know, non-bloggers, it looks too big for real life. But I swear to you, you can wear a blanket scarf and look totally normal (and even cute). There are lots of ways to tie it so it’s not so bulky. Here are some of my favs: one, two, three, four.

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