closet costume: pineapple

As promised, I’m back with more Halloween costume inspiration! Today’s might be even easier than yesterday’s.

pineapple costumepineapple-costume2pineapple-costume3pineapple-costume4
dress: handmade by Dago’s mom (similar) // shoes: Old Navy

Photos by Briley Noel

Today I’m showing you how to dress as the trendiest fruit of 2014: the pineapple! This costume really only requires two pieces: a yellow dress and some green stuff in your hair. I pulled out my favorite yellow dress one more time before it gets too cold to wear it. Then I wrapped some clear green wrapping I’d bought for a DIY project around a headband I already had to make a cute green fascinator-style headpiece. After seeing it in these photos, I realized that I should have maybe made it spikier, so spike to your heart’s content!

Also, if pineapple isn’t your fruit of choice, you could wear a red dress and be a strawberry!

The costume really is that easy! What’s the easiest costume you’ve ever worn for Halloween?

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