closet costume: lumberjane

shirt: Banana Republic // jeans: Gap // boots: Delia*s // hat: borrowed from Dago

Photos by Briley Noel

One last bit of Halloween costume inspiration from your closet! For you last minute costume-makers, this one is for you: a lumberjane! I will not believe you if you tell me you have none of these items in your closet. It’s basically your go-to fall look: flannel, jeans, boots, knit hat. If you happen to have an axe, some lumber, or an attractive bearded person named Jack, even better!

Also, you have to check out the best comic book series of the same name, because these Janes are badass scouts. Think of it as Girls meets Girl Scouts.

Tomorrow is Halloween! Do you have your costume nailed down? If not, maybe one of these posts will give you inspiration: Funny Face, pineapple, or Leslie Knope. If you do have it figured out, share in the comments!
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