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Contessa wanted to podcast with us last night. Listen to our latest episode here!

L’shana tova, darlings! I think it’s going to be a sweet year, and not just because I ate all the apples and honey last night. I so, so appreciate all of your support on the announcement I made about leaving my old job and starting something new. I’m filled with so much excitement about what’s to come!

I’m also excited, though, obviously, less so, about these lovely links!

♥ UM….TxSC is being held at my childhood Girl Scout camp next March. Save these dates!
♥ Love Adina. Love what she has to say about body image.
♥ Speaking of bodies, you are enough. (Warning: You’re going to need so much kleenex.)
♥ Really into Chelsea‘s simple style for fall.
♥ For True Detective fans, I give you Tiny Detectives.
♥ These brides met and bonded over a Beyoncé song, and then had the prettiest wedding ever.
♥ I cannot recommend the film Short Term 12 enough. It needs to move to the top of you Netflix queue.
♥ Can I just steal Brooke White’s hair, closet, home?
♥ I’ve been especially needing this message lately.
♥ I just got an iPhone 5s! Which case should I get: one, two, three, fourfive, or six?

What links did you love this week? What are your plans for the weekend?

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