a new look


In case you didn’t notice, writes like a girl got a makeover! It was about time I simplified things around these parts. I’ve always done my own layout elements, but I really wanted to add a fixed nav bar, and that was just out of my technical abilities (and, really, time). Did you know that you can find really beautiful Blogger templates on Etsy? I had no idea! These certainly weren’t around when I started blogging, otherwise I would probably have done it sooner.
My lovely new template was designed by the super-talented and extremely sweet Lorelai Sebastian. She was so kind in answering all of my random questions and helping me make the blog look its very best. (Also, she’s from Greece and she’s incredibly precious.) Definitely check out her designs if you’re looking for a little something for your corner of the Internet!
Also, if you happen upon any weird bugs or hang ups with the new layout, please let me know so I can get them all fixed! Enjoy poking around the updated space!
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