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dress: via lexycmb‘s Instagram shop (similar) // shoes: Old Navy // bow: American Apparel
photos by Kirsten

So, per usual, I’m a few days late celebrating a very important holiday. What holiday falls in the middle of August, you ask? Why the bloggiversary of writes like a girl! This space has been around for three whole years as of August 21.
I would be lying–big time–if I said I weren’t really, really proud of this blog. Yes, I’ve got more readers than I did this time last year (hello out there!), and my general stats are probably better, but that’s not what fills my heard with pride. I’ve explored some deep issues, become a better writer, worn super cute clothes, been totally myself, and made so, so, so many incredible friends. I’m a better version of myself through this blog. writes like a girl gives me the space to use my voice and to do my best to inspire others to use theirs too. That’s always been the goal, and I feel like it becomes truer and truer every day. I hope writes like a girl feels like a place you can come to hang out with a sister, a safe space, a place you can feel inspired or maybe even learn something, a space that makes you feel the most you. Those are my hopes for this blog, and I work every day, even the days I don’t have a new post, to reach that goal.
As much as I believe blogging should be something that fulfills you on a personal level, I wouldn’t be here without you! I write for you; strive to come up with better outfits and more engaging content for you. I’ve loved getting to connect more in the comments with you since I installed Disqus. Y’all commenting seriously keeps me going sometimes. They say to never read the comments on the Internet, but y’all always have such delightful, thought-provoking, positive, and loving things to say. You feeling like you can give feedback and be a part of the conversation is really important to me. You following along means the world to me.
Here are some of my favorite posts from the last year:
that time I made a big announcement (and tricked a bunch of ya!)
that time I wrote letters to the Pretty Little Liars
that time I wore a fur vest…a lot
that time I shared my favorite ice cream spot
that time I came up with my own mantra
that time I lost someone really special
that time I started and finished a 30×30 remix challenge
that time I started and finished a 7×7 remix challenge
that time I recapped my 24 before 24 and shared my 25 before 25
Three years, y’all! I can’t wait to see what becomes of the ole blog in the future! I hope you’ll stick around to grow alongside me. xo


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