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We not only made it another week, but we made it to a new month! That, my friends, is what you call willpower. This week wiped me out, so here are some lovely links to tide you over.
Becca wrote a powerful post about body confidence and combating fat shaming
Speaking of body image, I completely agree with this really important deconstruction of a so-called “body positive anthem”
Quiz time: which Adventure Time princess are you? (I got Breakfast Princess, obvs.)
The most excited for my favorite musical to turn into a movie. These stills have got me singing!
It’s been a while since I mentioned it here, but Dago and I are very much still in the podcast game. This week’s episode might be the funniest of all time!
I’ve never really been into the clear purse trend, but I am so into this DIY clutch
What did you love on the internet this week?
Side note: I’ve been writing poetry again, and I could just keep it to myself, but I could also start posting it here every now and then. Would y’all be into that? What’s the poetry climate like out in the blogosphere?
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