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7×7 | part one

7x7 remix
After completing my 30×30 remix challenge earlier this year, I decided to include a goal of accomplishing another blog challenge on my 25 before 25 list. I’m really interested in showing how to get the most possible wear out of your workwear items, so I thought about putting together a smaller remix challenge to show how versatile just seven items could be. I keep mentioning my major shopping trip from earlier this summer, and while I was shopping, I loved picking items in complementary color families and considering how the pieces could be paired together with one another. For this challenge, I used six of the items I purchased during my solstice shopping haul + one piece I already owned:

1. dark skinny jeans // Gap Outlet
2. black pencil skirt // vintage hand-me-down from my mom
3. yellow-green blouse // Banana Republic Outlet
4. cream cardigan // Banana Republic Outlet (worn previously here)
5. magenta cardigan // Banana Republic Outlet (worn previously here)
6. bright blue dress // J.Crew Factory (worn previously here)
7. navy striped dress // J.Crew Factory (worn previously here)

Note: For this challenge, the seven pieces don’t include shoes or accessories.

Also, I want to give a HUGE thank you to my dear friend Kirsten for collaborating with me on this project, and  for photographing seven outfits for three hours in the 102 degree summer heat. She is an amazing human and an excellent photographer.

Okay! Let’s get into it! For these first three looks, I used the bright blue dress as my staple piece.

one // seven

After deciding to go forth with the challenge, I had a moment of fear. Oh crap, what have I gotten myself into? How can I make this dress more interesting than a series of cardigans? I spun around my room and landed on this printed Target scarf, hung it on the hanger over the dress, and fell in love. I swear, these remixing challenges are so good for making me see my closet through a different lens than I usually do!

two // seven
I basically came up with this outfit on the spot. As I was trying each outfit on right before I left to go photograph them with Kirsten, I realized that I hated one of the outfits I’d come up with. I looked at the pieces I had, knowing I didn’t have many options, and decided to try layering the pencil skirt over the dress. This is something I’ve seen other bloggers do effortlessly, but something I never thought I could get away with. Let me just say I got so lucky. The skirt happens to be the same shape as the skirt on the dress, and they’re similar materials even, so the skirt fit perfectly over the dress. I ran out to Dago in the living room and yelled “CAN YOU TELL I’M WEARING A DRESS?” and he responded, very confused, “no? why?” And then I ran back in the bedroom to add the shoes and my favorite vintage scarf and called it an outfit. This is definitely my favorite of the seven looks and I can’t wait to wear it out!
three // seven
Yes, you’ve seen this outfit before here–just with different shoes. I wasn’t sure when I would be able to actually photograph a whole remix challenge, so I’ve been wearing a lot of these outfits to work already, and this one got photographed for the blog at the time that I wore it. For the challenge, I swapped out my gold flats for my favorite purple pumps for a little color-blocking goodness.

What do you think of the first three looks? Do you find workwear a challenge to remix? Stay tuned for parts two and three later this week!

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