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things i learned | road trip edition


As I write this at 7:58 on Monday evening from my favorite couch in my apartment, I have just arrived from my road trip to (and from?) Amarillo. Well, that’s a lie. I came home and immediately got in a bubble bath, but as soon as I finished my bath I came to the couch to write this post. I’m so grateful for the time off, time out of Austin, time spent alone, and time spent in good company once I arrived at my destination. I’m also (mostly) grateful for the things I learned along the way.
A list of things I learned on this road trip:
Food poisoning is the single worst thing that can happen to a person. Especially on vacation.
Small towns think that wearing flower crowns is weird.
Amarillo has a maximum and minimum speed limit.
Librarians are so much cooler than you think they are. Even if you think they’re cool already, they’re still cooler.
There are like 18 ways to get from Austin to Amarillo, ranging from 7.5 to 10+ hours.
Having food poisoning is a great time to catch up on: reading blogging sleep dehydration.
Patios at restaurants are a rare luxury in places that are not Austin.
VSCO Cam is the preferred photo editing app of Girl Scouts who are cooler than I will ever be.
Psychic palm readers run out of steam at the end of their shift, too.
The Wild Cupcake. End of story.
I definitely want to be involved in Girl Scouts in some way in the future.
Always take an extra day off from work when you go on vacation, just in case you get food poisoning.
Mindy Kaling should read all audio books, always.
All Girl Scouts know the same songs, but there is always a new song or extra verse to learn.
Group iMessages are the greatest form of communication in my generation.
I probably can’t ever eat nachos again. *shudder*
A rocking chair, porch, and good book are really all I need for a vacation.
Toot n Totem is a real place. Well, are real places. So many Toot n Totems, y’all.
Families come in all shapes and sizes, and new people can join yours at any time.
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