some days


Some days you have a really bad day at work, and all you can look forward to is getting ice cream from your favorite local shop on the way home. And then on the way home, you find that the ice cream shop is closed because their air conditioning is broken. And then you feel so disappointed that the one thing you were looking forward to can’t happen, and then you feel disappointed for feeling disappointed because there are ice cream shop workers who had to close up shop and move all of their product out so it wouldn’t melt. And then you go to take blog photos and everyone and their aunt is walking by giving you the stink eye. And then it doesn’t even matter because you’re not feeling photogenic anyway (and the camera certainly doesn’t feel that you are either). And then you go to Walgreens and buy NestlĂ© Drumsticks because you really need ice cream, and they aren’t great, but they’ll do. And then you plan to eat them all in one sitting, but feel guilty and don’t, and then the last two melt in their packaging.
And then you go to write a blog post and realize you have nothing nice or funny or entertaining or poignant to say because you’re feeling bad for yourself and unphotogenic. But you feel like you need to write a post because, even though you don’t get paid, it’s your job to do so.
Blech. This week is sucky, kittens. I wasn’t even going to bother writing a post, but here we are. I know a lot of people think of bloggers as being perfect, and I like to think that people who come across my blog don’t think that anyway, but in case you did, here’s evidence to support the idea that we, and I, are not.
If you, too, are having a bad week, you’re not alone. If you want to vent in the comments, I 1000% support it.
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