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You know how some months go by so quickly, you blink and then it’s gone? June wasn’t like that. June felt like a real month, with different weeks and weekends dedicated to their own time and space, instead of all mashed together. The month started with Dago’s birthday, followed by our anniversary and our trip to Fredricksburg. I’ve been World Cup watching, book reading, and summer night inhaling. I finally finished How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosely, the book it’s taken me like two-point-five months to read. I ordered three more books, including The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan, which is phenomenal, and I read it in just four days. I hadn’t officially set out to read a bunch, or even watch as much soccer as I have, so let’s see what I did intend to do in June.

1. go to the pool once a week | it has rained an odd amount for being Austin and being June, which foiled my plans on more than one occasion. i didn’t even get to the pool once this month, and for that i am sad.
2. run at the park at least once a week | i decided i wasn’t quite ready to get back out and run, but i have been walking a few times a week with co-workers and it’s been so lovely!
3. make sure Dago has a fantastic birthdayi feel funny marking this off myself, but i think Dago would agree that he had a great–though chill–birthday.
4. take a relaxing, fun trip for our anniversarydone!
5. write letters to Briley while she’s away at campdone and done!
6. visit Shelby in San Antonio to have wine slushies at The Alamo | so bummed i didn’t do this yet.
7. write 2 essays for my memoir | okay. so i really, really meant to. i did a lot of brain-work on what i want to write, and did write some other stuff (poems and an essay for an Elle call for reader submissions) to get back in the swing of things.
8. eat fruit every day | so, i should have known i wouldn’t be able to do every day, but i definitely had fruit more days than not this month, which is a step bite in the right direction!
9. make a new flower crown | gah, i forgot i even set out to do this last month. maybe i’ll do it in July!
10. finally donate the big, ever-growing bag of clothes that overwhelms the corner of my roomyes! finally! and then i rewarded myself with a Nerds slush from Sonic.

I feel like I average 4 or 5 completed goals a month. I guess that’s not too bad when you think about it. As I write this post, Dago pointed out that trying to accomplish 10 small goals a month actually equals 120 goals a year. That’s kind of a lot, and since I’m only doing 4 or 5 anyway, maybe it makes more sense to focus on fewer, more valuable goals each month (that way I don’t keep forgetting that I even set out to do something). So, here are my five small goals for July.

1. write 2 essays for my memoir | let’s do this!
2. visit Briley at camp in Amarillo | i’ve never driven this far alone, but if anyone is worth it, it’s Briley! i’m going to drive all the way across Texas–10 hours–to hang out at Girl Scout camp with B and her girls.
3. read Wild by Cheryl Strayed | i’m eating up books this summer. Strayed’s other book, tiny beautiful things, is my all-time favorite, so i’m really looking forward to reading Wild.
4. limit my shopping and work with what i’ve got | i’m a 30×30 champion now and should be able to make the most of my now-smaller wardrobe since my last shopping trip.
5. play outside in Austin | it’s getting hotter, but i’ve been really enjoying going for walks at night, taking in the lighting bugs and the skyline. i love my city and there is so much to do all the time, so i want to take it all in as much as i can.

What are you going to do in July?

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