photo by Jenn

3 years of bingeing on Netflix, eating donuts, and dancing in the car while driving around town.
3 years of taking goofy selfies, adding to our list of fake band names, and live-tweeting awards ceremonies.
3 years of going to our favorite restaurants, taking walks at our alma mater, and making ’90s music playlists.
3 years of cat snuggles, couch sharing, and giggling over Vine videos until we fall asleep.
3 years of urban hiking at the mall, thrifting at Savers, and ogling shoes on the Internet.
3 years of watching soccer games bright and early on the weekend and staying up late to blog.
3 years of hanging out with our favorite people and staying in, just the two of us (well, three if you count Tess).
3 years of becoming the people we were meant to be, together.
3 years of falling in love more and more every day.
I love you, bae. Here’s to 3-times-infinity more.

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