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summer trends | love ’em or leave ’em

With each passing season comes a new set of trends. Whether you shop online or in store, follow bloggers or read magazines, it’s hard to avoid the newest forms of fashion just waiting to make their way into your closet. Unfortunately, not all trends are good trends. 

summer trends 2014

fruit print // birkenstocks // embroidery // skorts // matching separates // caged gladiator sandals

While I’m loving matching separates and spend more time narrowing down which one to buy than I do seeking them out, I am not at all digging the rise of the Birkenstock. I hoped gladiator sandals would be on their way out after 2010, but instead they’ve gotten bigger and badder. On the other hand, I want anything and everything that has a fruit print on it. I really liked the idea of skorts when they first made their comeback last year, but the shape is all wrong this time around. I find them really unflattering, and it seems like maybe if we stop teetering on whether or not we should buy them, they’ll just go back to 1996 where they came from. Now, if I could just fill my closet with beautiful, airy embroidered dresses, I’d have all the summer essentials I could ask for.
What trends are you loving, and which are you leaving, this summer?

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