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It’s funny how sometimes all we need to do is set new goals for our “old goals” to become a reality. Last year I wanted to make personal stylist a paid gig. I love putting together outfits and I love helping people, and it seems like this is something I should be doing. I started thinking that maybe I shouldn’t style professionally if I didn’t have the education or “legit” experience. I mean, really I’m just a girl with good taste and a vision, right?
Last week, my girl Michelle posted about an opportunity she’s pursuing using a new platform called Keaton Row. Michelle is a fantastic social media maven and stylish being, so I’m always into whatever she’s into. (#notacreep) She explained the the website allows stylists to sign up and provide services to clients for free. Plus, stylists receive commission from the retailers connected to the platform–Nordstrom, ASOS, and Shopbop to name a few. I looked into it, and since it’s a work-your-own-hours design, I figured it didn’t hurt to apply.
Well, I was approved! Say hello to your new online shopper. Need something to wear for the big event coming at the end of summer? Got a promotion and don’t have the clothes to dress the part? Entering the job force and looking for help navigating a grown up closet? I can help.
What’s great about Keaton Row, for me anyway, is that it’s a stream-lined version of something I was already doing. People reach out to me all the time asking for help with shopping and putting together outfits, so I’ve been utilizing Pinterest boards for each of my “clients” to help. I love scouring my favorite online retailers for the perfect pieces for my friends and family, and not I can do it all in one place (and get paid).
I’ve spent the last few days inviting clients and putting together lookbooks for my favorite people. Here are a few outfits I’ve curated for people with totally different needs.
Interested in receiving some styling services? Sign up to be my client and fill out some info about your style and sizing needs. Interested in joining the stylist team at Keaton Row? Sign up now–it looks like they’re going to start charging new stylists soon, so take them up on the offer now!
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