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It’s been very goal oriented around here lately, hasn’t it? I promise, this is the last goal-related post…at least until next month! May was a quick month, but it was a really good one too. It helps so much that the weather has been gorgeous, and, if I’m feeling down, I can just walk outside and feel 100% better. With that said, let’s see how I did on my small goals for May.

1. get out at least twice a week for physical activity | i was totally on the path to be able to do this, and then i fell and messed up my knee pretty badly. it took forever for the wound to heal, and i wasn’t up for running for most of the month. i should be back out there next month though!
2. have fun coming up with low-carb, low-fat snacks | i realized this is probably going to be a more long-term goal. i discovered yogurt, and bought some edamame that i need to learn how to cook, so that’s a start!
3. enjoy more outdoor activities with Dago | see number one 🙁
4. finish this darn 30×30 and then give myself a break! | DONE!
5. spend some time in the pool after work | completely forgot that i wanted to do this this month. i did go one time, but it was on a weekend, so i won’t count it.
6. make my 24th birthday special | this was by far the most chill birthday ever, and i think that made it one of the best birthdays i’ve ever had. i also loved sharing the day with my mom, since i don’t love the attention that comes with birthdays anyway. it’s weird, i actually like being the center of attention, but i like it when it’s for something i’ve actively done, like perform or wear a cute outfit. birthday attention feels vain and unnecessary–all i did was wake up a day older!
7. make an appointment with a therapist | ughhhh. how many months now have i failed at this?  
8. finish How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosely | it took me a long time to get through the first chapter because it seemed like it lasted forever. ultimately, i think the book should have started with the second chapter instead. if that were the case, i’d probably be finished by now.
9. play around with infused water | so, i mentioned that i made sassy water the night that i wrote this post. i loved it that night, but the next day it literally tasted like i was drinking salad through a straw. i decided my next one should be more of a “i put these things in my water glass and drank it,” rather than “i soaked these things in a pitcher of water overnight.” strawberry and mint was a tasty combo!
10. get together with my girls | yes! even though Shelby has been working in San Antonio, she’s come back to Austin a handful of times. we even had a sleepover!

Four out of ten isn’t too bad, but I can do better this month. However, I do keep confusing myself into thinking I’m going to have all of this extra free time because it’s summer now, even though I don’t have any less days off than usual. Oh, adulthood. Here’s what I hope is in store for me this June.

1. go to the pool once a week | i love popping into the pool for a bit after work when no one is there, so i think i’ll try to make a habit out of it. being in water is such good self-care!
2. run at the park at least once a week | now that my knee is healing, i’m feeling ready to get back out and run.
3. make sure Dago has a fantastic birthday | i work all day, and he’ll play soccer in the evening, but i want to do my best to make sure Dago has a great birthday. i’m taking him out for pupusas tonight!
4. take a relaxing, fun trip for our anniversary | we need to tack down our plans for this pretty quickly, seeing as our anniversary is only a little over a week away now. i’ll be glad to drive somewhere and just enjoy his company for a day without any pressure to finish an errand or meet up with other people.
5. write letters to Briley while she’s away at camp | handwriting letters is fun, and it’s even more fun to send to friends at camp. i used to write letters to my friends when they went away to camp in the summers during high school, so it’s cool that i can experience that again.
6. visit Shelby in San Antonio to have wine slushies at The Alamo | as much as i love Austin, it’s nice to have an excuse to get out for a little while. what better excuse than my bff and wine slushies?
7. write 2 essays for my memoir | i keep putting this off, but i’m feeling really ready to write lately, so hopefully i can finally get started on this!
8. eat fruit every day | i love fruit, and it’s good for me, so maybe if i eat it more often i can start to see it as a daily treat to cut down on my sugar intake.
9. make a new flower crown | help me pick which color flowers i should do! i’m thinking yellow and/or white, since the one i have is pink and red.
10. finally donate the big, ever-growing bag of clothes that overwhelms the corner of my room | my thrifting karma has been terrible lately, so it’s time i donate a bunch of stuff and gain some points back. 

What do you want to accomplish this month?

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