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skirt: thrifted Dolce & Gabana // top: old Old Navy // sweater: swapped // shoes: thrifted // necklace: Target

No photos will ever do this skirt justice, but especially not iPhone photos, and for that I apologize. What I do not apologize for is the major bragging about to happen regarding my purchase of this Dolce & Gabana skirt for $33. I have been having abysmal luck with thrifting lately. I thought I’d lost my touch (or, that Austin had). I was ready to throw in the towel and become a mall-only shopper.

Thankfully, I made a trip to Target last weekend that resulted in my driving home past my favorite little resale shop in the neighborhood, Uptown Cheapskate. I left my groceries in the car and parked in a 30 minute spot, figuring I wouldn’t be gone long. I walked inside and immediately starting picking up every item I had even a slight interest in. Maybe I was being too picky and just needed to surround myself with enough things in order to find the gems.

Never has a mission been so successful. I took two giant armfuls, easily 25 items, into the dressing room with me and didn’t look back. As the gal was hanging my items in the room, she noticed this skirt and commented on how excited she was about someone selling it to the store. I’d loved the print, but hadn’t really taken a good look at it. The fabric was insanely soft and even a little stretchy, and yet had incredible structure. I’ve never felt anything like it. The gold flowers felt like they had been painted on. I peeked at the tag, and lo and behold, it’s a Dolce & Gabana skirt. From Italy. For $33. (Side note: also in the dressing room, I had a really cute Kate Spade top for $13 and the most incredible Anthro dress for like $20. I hit the friggen jackpot.)

I proudly brought my D&G skirt to the counter, along with a couple of other sweet vintage pieces. I chatted with the manager (who never seems to remember me, no matter how many times a week I shop and sell there -.-) and tried to remain calm when she rang up the skirt, half worried that it was actually priced at $333 or something. She seemed excited about someone buying such great fashion at such a steal, so I didn’t question her pricing choices and got out of there before she could come to her senses.

I floated into the apartment on cloud nine, having just renewed my thrifting luck, and with something so beautiful to show for it. Dago wasn’t really sure what a Dolce & Gabana was, but he was happy I was happy. I hung my new prize on the rack in our closet, displayed for all the rest of my clothes to see.

I wore the skirt for our anniversary dinner, which consisted of cinnamon roll pancakes and reminiscing over the last three years. It was a perfect night with my perfect guy (and my perfect skirt).

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