birthday boy

Today is my main squeeze’s 28th birthday! Dago is my dream partner, my co-host, my personal stand up comedian, and the best cuddler in this universe and any other you can name. We’ll be celebrating our three year anniversary later this month, so I’ll save the relationship gushiness for then. It’s not secret that I love making lists, so here are my 28 favorite things about the birthday boy.

01. He’s the best cat daddy to Contessa.
02. He’s not afraid to admit when he’s wrong. (see: the Internet pants debacle of 2013)
03. He’s a fantastic dresser. We noted the other day that, even though we don’t coordinator our outfits, we always look like we go together. Is it bad that it irks me when couples’ outfits clash?
04. He loves to laugh more than anything, and he sometimes even laughs at his own jokes.
05. He works harder than anyone, and has more compassion for everyone, which helps him an ideal leader.
06. He’ll drop everything, at any time, to take care of his mom. I love their relationship (and her, obvi!).
07. He always makes sure everyone is fed. Tacos, rice, chicken–if you’re hungry, he’ll deliver.
08. His hair. I mean, let’s be honest.
09. He’s a master at the grocery store, which is only one level above the post office in my circles of hell.
10. He’s 1000% the smartest person I’ve ever met. When I can’t sleep, he tells me about historical events that I missed in history class
11. He loooooves soccer. It’s fun to see him excited about something that he can both participate in and be knowledgeable about.
12. Even though he’s out of practice, he can still embarrass people on guitar. #ShredwardSolohands
13. He’s a sucker for “bad” movies. As picky (borderline pretentious) as he is about music, soccer, podcasts, etc., he doesn’t care about Oscar-nominated films as much as he does lesser-rated action, comic book, and comedy flicks.
14. And, he doesn’t make fun of me for liking “bad” music.
15. He’s a true ally and never believes he’s any more worthy of respect or rights than anyone else.
16. He constantly finds cool new things–podcasts, restaurants, bands, articles–that we can enjoy together.
17. He’s like a sponge of memes. He’s basically my personal Wikipedia when it comes to funny things from the Internet.
18. He loves our alma mater St. Edward’s as much as I do. (He even has two degrees from there!)
19. He’s an incredibly loyal friend. His two besties have held the same position since 7th grade. Who can say that?
20. He’s also the world’s most loyal fan. He lives and breathes Chelsea Football Club, and he’s emotionally invested in all of the players to the point where he’s cried over them on more than one occasion. (Sh! Don’t tell!)
21. He appreciates a great meal of breakfast for dinner.
22. His shoe collection is almost as big as mine–and is always growing!
23. He’s basically Twitter famous. (Seriously, follow him. You’ll learn something, and you’ll help him reach 1,000 followers.)
24. He, like me, is a Gemini. It’s the best of both worlds!
25. He loves to go on urban adventures (walk around the mall).
26. He’s a swell dancer. He even won a dance-off last year!
27. He waits to watch our favorite shows together.
28. Sometimes he falls asleep watching Vine and the video will just keep looping until I wake him up. It makes me laugh every time, and I fall in love with him all over again.

Happy birthday, bae! Everybody go wish him a happy birthday in the comments or on Twitter!

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