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shirt: vintage stolen from my dad // shorts: Forever 21 // clogs: Old Navy

Last Sunday I instagrammed a photo of myself outfitted like a scout. While this is definitely something I would wear anyway, I was actually dressed up for a special occasion honoring my favorite scout. Briley is off to lead a bunch of fabulous Girl Scouts of all ages in Amarillo this summer. She’s attended the same camp for years, and now treks up north to be a counselor for the little brownies, juniors, and cadettes.

For her send-off, we met at Halcyon downtown. We intended to feast on their famous s’mores, but they were out pretended to be out until just before we were leaving. Briley and I both had warm cookies with ice cream sundaes, and Shelby had carrot cake. (Dago was there too, but I don’t actually think he ate anything.) I can’t wait to write her lots of letters, including stickers and fun things for her and her campers.

I was a Girl Scout growing up–for 8 years! My dad was the co-leader of my troop, which meant that I had a really superior scouting experience. My parents were taking my camping basically right out of the womb, so there were lots of camping trips, in addition to the cookie selling dates, sit-upon crafting, and patch earning. Speaking of patches, I had the ballin’-est vest. I had so many patches on my junior vest that dad had to sew them across the bottom like fringe and he cut a sash in half and sewed it to my vest so I could have more space (which I immediately filled).

My brother was also a scout, but he did Boy Scouts through our local JCC, so the boys (and especially the dads) were less….rugged than us Girl Scouts. Evan skipped out on a lot of the camp outs with his pack, so I happily went in his place, along with my dad. I set up all the tents, got the fire started, and identified every plant and bug I could find. At some point, I was around enough that they rewarded me with a Boy Scout patch to add to my Girl Scout vest. Pretty much from that point on, I’ve owned the heck out of any Boy Scout uniform I could get my hands on. In high school, I actually wore my brother’s Boy Scout uniform a lot, and now I’ve transitioned into wearing my dad’s vintage shirt, which is so soft and the prettiest green. I know those probably aren’t the ways he’d describe it, but it’s undeniable.

PS. I’ll be wearing these clogs a toooon, so don’t hate me.

PPS. Since Briley will be away for the summer, you’re stuck with my ole iPhone-tripod-bar stool photo set up for a while. If you’re in Austin and like to take photos, maybe we can collaborate on some shoots together for the blog!

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