outfits remixing spring style

30×30 | twenty-one

gingham and floral pattern mixing
gingham, floral, utility jacket
how to wear a utility jacket in spring
jacket: Gap Outlet // shirt: Forever 21 (similar) // skirt: thrifted // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Photos by Briley Noel
If you thought the gingham and polka dots were the end of my pattern mixing days, you were wrong. I’m really proud of how all of these items came together. I actually didn’t try it on together until I went to take photos, and then was putting it all on in the back of the car (sh! blogger secret!) and thought “hm, I wonder if this actually looks as good in real life as it did in my head…” Turns out, I’m pretty good at this whole getting dressed thing. I feel like a J.Crew mannequin and I spent less on this entire outfit than I would on one piece from J.Crew. 
In other news, this has been a super busy week. I’ve started running/power walking at the park again on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work while Dago finishes up playing soccer. I leave work at 7:15 and have just enough time to get a 30-45 minute round trip in before the sun goes down. The hardest part for me is taking extra clothes to work and changing there before I go. Since it’s a 24 hour operation, I feel kind of weird changing at work before I leave because people see that I’ve changed into exercise clothes. I realize no one cares and I have no reason to feel weird about it, but I still do! I’ve been trying to wear outfits those days that really easily transition into running clothes. On Tuesday I wore my boyfriend jeans, grey v-neck, and green cardi from my 30×30 with a sports bra and then just wore the same shirt to run in with my favorite Nike shorts and sneakers. It was super easy and I didn’t have to walk back to the office from the bathroom carrying too many items or accessories. We’ll see how things go as the weather keeps getting progressively hotter, but for now, I’m loving the time zoned into my headphones, the path beneath my running shoes, and the gorgeous Austin scenery around me.
Dago and I usually podcast on Wednesday, but we had to move our episode to Monday this week because we were guests on one of our favorite pods last night! The Black Guy Who Tips had us on their show, which was such an honor because we’re huge fans and they inspired us to start podcasting in the first place. It’s a husband and wife duo, and the dynamic just works. Podcasting has been tremendous for our relationship. We get to work together to plan the episode every week, and then recording is just us enjoying each other’s undivided attention for about an hour and a half while we have really fantastic conversations about current events, pop culture, our favorite shows, and our lives. It’s really fun, but also weird, to have so many outlets on the Internet. I feel like I probably show a different side of myself on the podcast because we take on news stories, which is something I don’t really get into in this space. If you’re interested in hearing more of that side of me, definitely tune in sometime!
What’s your self-care looking like these days?
Also, I wanted to say how much I appreciate all of the sweet and genuine comments I received on yesterday’s post. It’s always scary to hit publish on something like that and now how it’s going to be received. As always, y’all are totally amazing and I’m so humbled that y’all reach out with your own stories and experiences. We’re all going to get through this–no matter what it is–because we lift each other up and stand together. #sisterhood
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