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25 before 25

One of the funny things about making these Age before Age bucket lists is that I get confused about how old I currently am. I was working on this last in the days leading up to my birthday, and I accidentally convinced myself that I was turning 25. For the last year, I’ve felt a lot more like 24 than 23 because I was focused on the number 24 for the sake of my bucket list. Whew, numbers are hard y’all, and time is weird. But, I have some awesome goals set for myself this year (the year before I turn 25). I honestly think I’m more excited about this list than last year’s, and I did a much better job of setting flexible goals that aren’t contingent on other pending situations (e.g. starting a business that I quickly changed my mind about). I’m so excited to get started!

25 before 25

Do you think I can do it all? Have you ever done a bucket list for your birthday?

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