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Photo by Briley Noel
Taking a quick break from my 30×30 to share my small goals for the month and take a look back at last month’s. March was plenty long, and I’m ready for April and spring and flowers and enjoying being outside as much as possible before it inevitably gets Texas levels of hot. I sort of threw my goals out of the window last month because it was easier. Do you ever do that? Take the easy route, and not feel bad about it? Anyway, let’s take a look at what I did and didn’t do!

1. try out a less is more approach on the blog | this didn’t really last very long, especially as i started planning my 30×30 outfits.

2. take photos with Briley on the weekend | yes!
3. but make time for Dago on our days off too | so glad i made this one a goal–it really helped me keep in mind to make time for us instead of planning every second of my free time.
4. learn one or two embroidery techniques | not even a little bit. i don’t think i embroidered a single thing in all of march.
5. help someone shop their own closet | sort of? i worked with the same couple of friends that i’ve been working with to better understand their closets. this goal is still something i’m hoping to branch out on when i have more time.
6. get back into a comfortable rhythm with my eating | i promised to write about this, and then i didn’t. #badblogger it’s hard to be really honest about some things when you’re going through them. know that i’m okay, and i’ll try to write about what’s been up sometime soon.
7. attend at least two Nia classes | because of the previous goal, this just has not been on my radar.
8. enjoy a little SXSW | done! got to see my favorite band and a bunch of others perform in a super low-key, fun environment, far away from the mess of the rest of SXSW.
9. read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown | i don’t think i opened this at all last month. turns out, it’s a pretty difficult, technical read, which isn’t quite what i was looking for. i’ll pick it up again sometime, just not right now.
10. drink more water | i did so much better on this in March! one of my biggest issues is that i like to order drinks from restaurants, even if i’m picking it up and bringing it back to work with me, so this month i stopped ordering drinks so that i would force myself to drink water during meals. plus, i drank a lot of water at home this month!

1. go to the park at least once a week | Dago plays soccer in the park on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and last summer I loved going and meeting up with him after work. feet in the grass, sunset in my eyes. such a great feeling!
2. successfully complete the 30×30 challenge | i’m gonna do it! it’s gonna be awesome! wear all the things!
3. get my taxes sorted–STAT | i already went through the process on Turbo Tax once, but it says I owe a bazillion bucks and I need to figure out how to lower that number and/or file an extension. already biting my nails on this one, y’all.
4. plan a fun outdoor activity day with Dago | we had so much fun walking around campus the other day, I’m thinking we need a day trip this month to spend more time together and outside in the pretty weather. maybe Enchanted Rock? maybe a picnic at Inks Lake? maybe hiking around the Greenbelt? we’ll see!
5. plan the BEST WEEKEND EVER with Jenn of With Luck Blog and her bf Dean for their Austin visit! | i am the most excited to have these crazy kids come spend time in Austin. i’ve been working on a list of all the things we need to do while they’re here. it’s going to be awesome.
6. do a spring craft | i’m thinking maybe a new floral crown or making my headscarf. maybe i’ll paint something too!
7. make my first payment on my federal student loan | i’ve been paying on my state loans for a minute, but i officially start chipping away at my federal loan this month. oh, lordy, this is going to be a long ride!
8. make an appointment with a therapist | i’ve put it off long enough; it’s time for me to find a long-term, regular appointments therapist. as one of my wonderful co-workers told me, “it’s about maintenance.” i can’t just go when i’m feeling bad, i have to go often enough to keep the bad from being so bad.
9. read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson | she’s a badass blogger-turned-author, which i totally support, plus i need an easy and fun read to help me finish out my 24 before 24 goal!
10. drink more water | i’m including this goal again this month. i just bought a super cute tumbler from Ban.do and i plan to use it tons. TONS i tell you! 

Whew! It feels like a lot, but we’re gonna get it done, aren’t we? What are you hoping to accomplish this month?
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