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30×30 | twenty

stripes and denim
red stripes, denim jacket
jacket: Nordy Rack (similar) // shirt: old Zumiez // pants: Gap // shoes: LuLu*s (similar) // necklace: J.Crew // glasses: BonLook
Photos by Briley Noel
I love the way these photos came out. It’s so weird having photos taken of me this often, especially when I’m going through some really messy, insecure, contradicting issues with my self, and more specifically my body, lately. If I’m being honest with you, I have three posts in my drafts that have to do with recognizing, loathing, and celebrating my body. I’m not ready to share them, and for now anyway, I’m not sure that I’m planning to. I have to remember that even though I have this space to share and empower, I don’t owe anyone anything. Maybe I needed to write those posts in order to write this one. Blogging, both the posts I publish and the ones I don’t, helps me be more aware. I love having this space to explore those feelings and the changes in myself, both emotionally and physically.
When I look at these pictures, I see a lot of things about my body that I don’t like. I see things have have changed drastically in the last six months, from the way I fit in my clothes to the way I carry myself. What I also see is a real human with a good body. Gaining twenty pounds doesn’t mean I’m taking up too much space, it means I have more of me to celebrate, to consider, and to explore.
As aware as I’ve tried to be lately about sucking in and angling my body to make it look smaller, what I see in these photos is forgetting that for a moment and being genuinely happy in an outfit, with my friend, in the park. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, style blogging isn’t vain. It’s about sharing real pieces from my closet and life.
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