outfits remixing spring style

30×30 | three

sweater & scarf: Target // tee: Old Navy // jeans: Gap Outlet // purse: Forever 21 (similar) // shoes: thrifted (similar)
Photos by Briley Noel

Hello, dears! How are ya? It’s Thursday. We’ve almost made it through the week! On days like today when I’m just not feeling it, an easy outfit is all I can handle. This has been my go-to since spring started, and I have a feeling I’ll be repeating it again (and again). I love that it’s incredibly cozy, but looks completely pulled together.
Do you ever get that feeling of “I want to spend money on this thing, universe. If you find it for me, I’ll buy it,” but then the universe is like “lol no” and won’t give it to you? That’s when I have to get creative. I’ve been looking for a spring-y scarf for a hot minute. I love circle scarves, and I wanted a lightweight, light-colored one to layer over tees and cardigans on cool mornings before the real Texas heat sets in.  Since the world wouldn’t give me my dream circle scarf, I just bought a cute regular scarf and tied the ends to make it a circle scarf. Hmph. I’ll show you, universe!
But really, this is one of the better ideas I’ve had in my lifetime. Buy regular scarf > tie the ends together > wear circle scarf > feel adorable. It’s like a foolproof equation.
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