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30×30 | fourteen

dress: Target // shirt: American Eagle (similar) // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Photos by Briley Noel

Jenn and her guy Dean came to visit over the weekend and it was the best. I ended up taking vacation time from Thursday-Monday so I could show them around and go to all of my favorite places. Brilliant staycation idea, if you ask me. We burgered, breakfast tacoed, BBQed, and brunched. We saw the sights: Mount Bonnell, Mayfield Park, St. Edward’s campus, Red Bud Isle, 360 Bridge, and South Congress. Oh, and we saw all the puppies. Jenn and Dean were missing Allegra like crazy and they stopped to say hello to all the pups we passed.

Honestly, having them here was the bees knees. Jenn was one of my very first blog friends. We were still figuring out what our content was going to be like, what a blog design was supposed to be, and how every little bit of the blogging world worked. She helped me so many times when I couldn’t get a coding thing to work or had a question about her experience with sponsors. When I walked up to Jenn at her hotel, it was just like we were hanging out for the 100th time. 
photo via Jenn
Still, there was so much I didn’t know about her from her blog! We connected so hard over our experience in the helping field. She, Dean and I had an awesome impromptu hour+ conversation in my parked car about supporting people, meeting them where they are, and taking care of ourselves so we can do the best work we can. Dean is a personal trainer, and it was so interesting to me to hear about how he uses the same skills I use in my advocacy in his work helping people lead healthier physical and emotional lives. He’s also the funniest, kindest, guy. He and Dago were super fast friends, which of course makes me the happiest.
photo via Jenn
Hanging out with Jenn in person (and of course Dean too) was amazing. It makes me wish she were here all the time! It also makes me want to meet some of my other blogging besties! Everybody come to Texas, and I’ll show you a real good time.
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