outfits remixing spring style

30×30 | eleven

jacket: Gap Outlet // top: American Eagle (similar) // jeans: Gap Outlet (similar) // shoes: thrifted (similar)
Photos by Briley Noel

When you make 30 outfits from 30 pieces, not all of them are going to be interesting. This is something I might throw together if I were running late and grabbed three pieces, or would be something I’d come up with if I packed outfits using these pieces and stayed an extra day and needed something to wear. It’s not bad, but I don’t love it. Mixing boyfriend jeans with a flowy top with a figure-obscuring jacket doesn’t scream flattering, but it’s actually much better than I had anticipated. The colors are nice, right?

I am 99% sure this top is going in the to-sell pile after this outfit. I have my other outfits planned, and I’m not feeling inspired anymore to save this one. Someone else will love her the way I couldn’t, ya know?

On a happier note, the weather in Austin is perfect right now, and Jenn and her guy Dean are in town. I’m so excited to give them the tour of their lives and to be there to watch them fall in love with Austin! I’m off to brunch-stroll-shop-and-taco the heck out of ’em. Best. Staycation. Ever!

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