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When Janice Chan of the Plan A Project contacted me last week about collaborating to promote her Kickstarter, I was effing stoked. It’s not often I’m contacted about products I truly believe in by creators who totally get it. Let me explain….

things i love:
empowered women
safe sex
cute accessories
things i don’t love:
shame and stigma
being unprepared
uncute accessories
Janice and her Plan A Project get it. The Plan A Project is Janice’s line of elegant, adorable, totally practical condom carrying cases. (You know, to help you be able to use Plan A so you don’t have to use Plan B. Brilliant, right?) Women all over are shamed out of carrying condoms because they are seen as slutty or easy…just because they want to be prepared to engage in safe sex.
Did you know that in New York City, carrying condoms while female can be considered as ipso facto evidence of prostitution, and that the woman can be arrested on the spot? Just because they want to be prepared to engage in safe sex.
This stigma around being a condom-carrying citizen while also being female is extremely problematic. It teaches women that they shouldn’t want to engage in sex. It teaches them that they have no control over whether or not that sex they have is safe. It teaches women that men are the only ones allowed to have, enjoy, and even anticipate sex. 

So where does the Plan A Project come in? Hear it from Janice herself: 
“I was getting ready to go out one night while chatting with my roommate, joking about how silly I felt stashing condoms in a nice leather business card case so that I’d have some on hand in an organized way. My roommate laughed and replied, ‘Yeah, I always have to put mine in a makeup bag or something.’ 
I did a Google search, then some more intensive follow up searches, but to my surprise all the condom case products out there seemed to be designed with men in mind. Plastic, metal, biker-tooled rough leather…a far cry from the carefully curated accessories a city woman carries on a night out.”
Ladies, I’ve carried one of these uncute condom cases before. It loudly rattled around in my bag, drawing unwanted and unnecessary attention to the fact that I had the case in the first place. Eventually, I just started sticking my condoms back in my wallet, where they fall out and rip open all the time. It basically defeats the whole purpose of carrying them.

So Janice got to work. “Inspired by the simple and elegant design of the envelope-shaped navy blue patent leather business card case I had used for the past few years, I drew up blueprints for a condom case while specifically keeping the realistic modern woman in mind:

> I made it sleek, to fit in small clutch bags.
> I try to use fashionable, sophisticated materials, so the case looks and feels like another elegant accessory.
> I paid an equal amount of attention to the functionality — the case is sized to allow carriage of up to 3 standard sized condoms, and the magnetic snap is designed to provide secure closure without putting the contents at risk of damage.”

One of my favorite things about Plan A Project is that it’s entirely sex positive. You can choose to carry your condoms in a chic little leather pouch and feel empowered and stylish, or you can opt for the clear carrying cases and not let anyone make you feel ashamed for carrying them at all. I love that you have options (what can I say, I’m a girl who loves her right to choose) between being discreet and being bold, and that you don’t have to feel ashamed for choosing either one.

So how can you get one of these beauties? Well, first Janice needs a little help. Production costs are a lot for one woman to handle, especially one who is trying to supply all the women with all the fab condom carrying cases. Plus, she wants to be able to continue to improve the product as customers start providing feedback so that it really is something you want to carry around.

If this sounds like a product and purpose you can get behind, please consider backing the Plan A Project on Kickstarter! The fundraiser ends in two weeks on April 3, so hurry and pledge as soon as possible! When you do, you get some really cool swag, and if you contribute enough, you get cases! Go do it!

If you want to get to know Janice a little better before getting into bed with her (product), as well as her project, you can check out an awesome interview on Neon Notebook and a hilarious video promoting her product this past week at SXSW.

All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for this post (except a new friend in Janice!).

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