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I’ve often heard people of great peace talk about mantras, but I never could figure out how to come up with one of my own. There are equations and recipes of language for crafting a mantra that perpetuates balance an harmony, but to be honest, it never felt real to me. 
I think I’ve figured it out, though. A mantra is supposed to ground you when you’re feeling like you’re spinning out of the ozone. It’s supposed to give you clarity and calmness without any external force. It’s about listening to yourself. 
I posted a Facebook status in honor of International Women’s Day last Saturday, and I inadvertently realized my own mantra. I thought sharing might help you find something that grounds you and brings you peace. 
be fierce, be honest, trust your struggle, support a sister, love yourself. 
These five pieces have been racing along the tracks of my mind for days now. They feel more real for me than anything. If that’s not a mantra, I don’t know what is.
be fierce // For me, being fierce is about confidence. It’s about laughing with my whole belly, wearing lipstick, and speaking without being asked. It’s the glimmer in my eye when I have an idea, or when I’m feeling inspired or beautiful. 
be honest // Authenticity is key. Time spent covering up who I am is time exhausted. Being forthcoming not only empowers me, but it empowers others. My voice is the loudest when I speak the truth. 
trust your struggle // This actually comes from an image I found on Pinterest a while back. Every time I read it, it means something different to me. It’s a reminder that, whatever I’m going trough, there’s another side and I’m going to come out stronger, wiser, and more enlightened having experienced the pain. I am who I am now because of the struggles I’ve overcome, and no one can take that from me. 
support a sister // Sisterhood is what I believe in, above all else. My purpose in life is to stand in solidarity with my sisters in whatever way I’m able. 

love yourself // I know that before I try to lift up a sister, I have to lift up myself. I have to be tender with my body and mind, spirit and soul. I have to nurture myself, because I am valuable and because I am deserving of love. 
I find strength in my mantra. I find understanding in my mantra. My mantra is a revolution inside of me.
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