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sweater & tights: Target // dress: old J.Crew // scarf: Francesca’s Collections // shoes: old Forever 21 

I was going through my Pinterest last night looking for outfit inspiration. Sometimes this is really helpful, and sometimes it reminds me of all the holes in my closet (I really wanted to wear this, but don’t have the right pieces to make it happen). What it can do is make me think about my closet in new ways. What pieces do I have that are similar enough to work? Are there similar shapes, similar colors, or similar styles already sitting in my closet, that I’ve never thought to pair together? Definitely.
This is the pin that inspired today’s outfit. I would have loved to find a printed scarf like hers–I even thought to go to Francesca’s on my lunch break to find one–but decided to focus on using what I already had. I also traded the bold orange shoes for a pair of printed floral flats, and topped it off with my favorite green cardi.
Sorry I’m a little short on words today. It’s only Wednesday, but work is sucking my dry, and the weather certainly isn’t helping either. I keep feeling inspired by random 70 degree days, and then it goes back to the 40s. Not cool, weather. Not cool.
Anyway, I hope you’re all having a marvelous week–only a couple more days til the weekend!
// cardigan previously worn here, here, and here.
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