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many days, many ways: fur vest

vest: Target (similar) // shirt: Forever 21 // skirt: Forever 21 (similar) // boots: Charlotte Russe (similar)
photos by Briley Noel

It’s the link up you’ve all been waiting for: many days, many ways! One of the best parts about being a style blogger is learning to style and restyle all the items in my closet to get the most use out of everything, and, ya know, make super cute outfits all the time. I work really hard to not wear the same outfit twice, so it’s important to me that I can wear pieces multiple ways.

For today’s link up (which will hopefully be the first of many!), I let the lady in charge, Danielle of Goodwillista, pick my item to remix. I know she’s a sucker for my fur vest (she even bought one of her own), so it’s no surprise that’s what she chose. At first, I was a little intimidated. I stood in my closet thinking “I’ve already worn this darn thing a bunch of ways–how the heck else can I wear it?” Luckily, Pinterest had my back. I search “fur vest outfits” and scrolled until I found something I hadn’t done yet. Fur and gingham? Be still, my heart!
This is probably my favorite way I’ve styled the vest yet, which is awesome because I’ve already worn it so many ways…on so many days…sorry, I had to! Let’s take a little trip down memory lane to see what other ways I’ve worn my fur vest, shall we? 
fur sure // style skillz

ps. it’s so funny to see myself pose the same way again and again…

emerald &  fur // cold weather & corduroys
furrocious  // it was the vest of times
fuzzy wuzzy // many days, many ways: fur vest
I’m SO excited to see what item you remixed for the link up! Leave the link to your post below, and make sure to check out everyone else’s posts too!

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