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February is a fun month, isn’t it? It’s the second month of the year, which always makes it feel for me like there’s less pressure on me. It’s not the first month of the year–with resolutions, recovering from the holidays, and Polar Vortexes–but it’s not far enough into the year where the excitement of the brand new year has worn off yet. Plus, I tend to get all googly-eyed at chocolate boxes, sweet stuffed animals, and everything pink. I doodle hearts and eat Girl Scout cookies, and I know that it’s just a short 28 days until the rest of the year starts, so I better enjoy the present.
Before we get into this month’s small goals, let’s see how I did in January, shall we?
1. take down the Christmas tree | done! well, Dago took it down while I was sleeping in before I had to work on MLK Day, but it’s down!
2. buy a new laptop | done!
3. read The Gifts of Imperfection by BrenĂ© Brown | ughhh, I’m a big dummy and accidentally ordered this as an audio book, so I did not get to start this one yet.
4. prepare a two-item meal once a week | done!
5. collaborate with a professional photographer | done and done!
6. make more time for date night | not exactly. we both had a really busy month, which isn’t an excuse, but we prioritized our individual self-care during the weekends and then spent quality time watching our shows together and working on our podcast during the week.
7. take better care of my clothes | total fail.
8. plan one craft project | done and done!
9. enjoy my day off | it ended up being an ice day for everyone else in town, which put a little wrench in my plans with my mom, but we still got to hang out, see a movie, and do a little shopping.
10. actively engage in some form of self-care every day | I did a pretty good job of this, but I definitely didn’t make time for myself every day.
Alright, onto the present!
1. surprise Dago for Valentine’s Day | I’m so bad at keeping secrets, especially from him. I have an awesome surprise present for him and I really hope I can make it til the 14th!
2. but not go overboard with expectations | I have a bad habit of expecting too much out of holidays, especially Valentine’s Day and Halloween, and then letting myself down. This year, I want to focus on what’s important, and that’s having as much fun with Dago as possible, no matter what we end up doing.
3. focus on wellness at work | whether it’s hoop art, packing healthy snacks, or taking a walk between chats, I need to do a better job of practicing self-care while I’m at work, as well as at home.
4. read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown | this copy did come as a book, so I’m going to get it read this month!
5. plan an editorial calendar | blogging on a schedule isn’t always the right thing for me and this little space, but I think it would help me feel more motivated this month to create really awesome content.
6. outline my monthly expenses | I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon with knowing how much I owe the world every month, so now would be a good time to do some calculating and see where I stand.
7. put away $100 of every paycheck | pretty self-explanatory. I meant to start doing this last month, but I was only able to do it with one of my two checks because of the new laptop expense.
8. continue to purge the closet, and donate | I’m in a constant state of narrowing down my closet so that it’s filled with things that I love and things that make me feel good.  I have a couple of bags in my car already, but I need to make a trip to my local women’s shelter to donate.
9. drink more water | I seem to be more dehydrated than usual lately, so I really need to stock up on extra H2O. do y’all have any favorite winter water drinking tips?
10. spend time with the girls | I’ve really enjoyed having quality time with my girlfriends lately, and I want to commit to making this a regular thing. brunch, crafting, city adventures, shopping–I always feel renewed after a day with the girls.

What are you hoping to accomplish this  month?
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