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sweater: Target (on clearance in stores) // shirt: thrifted J.Crew (similar) // jeans: Gap // flats: Old Navy
I’ve totally written on here before about how buying sweaters is hard for me. Not hard necessarily in that I never find a sweater I like (because, let’s get real), but hard in the I know I’m only going to style it one way. There just feel like so few opportunities to wear a sweater, especially a special one with a print or design on it, multiple ways. I mean, sweater + jeans…how much more interesting can it get?
I fell in love with this sweater when I saw it at Target, wore it immediately on the blog, and then only ever wore it again in the exact same way every. single. time. The other day I was finally catching up on one of my small goals from last month by hanging all my clothes up in my closet, and this sweater happened to be hanging next to my bright gingham shirt. Having never seen them next to each other before, I hadn’t ever considered this layering pair as an outfit option! (note to self: hanging your clothes up does have benefits besides a clean floor!) I’ve been ignoring this gingham until spring because the color feels too bright, but it’s actually the perfect match for this sweater. Add a pop of color on my feet with most comfy pair of flats and we’ve got ourselves a remix!
Speaking of remixing, don’t forget to get your posts ready for the many days, many ways link up on February 19! Can’t wait to see what item you all remix a bajillion different ways!
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