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a little valentine’s post

dress: Nordstrom Rack // shoes: LuLu*s // earrings: Francesca’s Collections // headband: local grocery store (similar)
photos by Briley Noel
Sorry this post is a little belated–I like to make my holidays last as long as possible. Can we just have Valentimes all the times? I love so many things about Valentine’s Day. Sweet treats, pink, getting dressed up, telling people how much I love ’em, and having ’em tell me they love me back!
This year’s Valentine’s is easily the most memorable I’ve had yet. Dago asked me a few weeks ago, “Bae, do you want to chaperone a high school dance with me on Valentine’s Day?” We stared at each other for a few moments, smiling, and then decided that would be the perfect way to spend the evening. The dance was for a leadership program that Dago’s organization does in high schools across the state, and it was actually held in the cafeteria of the high school I graduated from! I went out and bought a dress and snagged the shoes I linked to a couple weeks ago, and then I patiently awaited the big day.
Friday was a gorgeous day in Austin. It was 80+ degrees, and the sunset looked just like an Instagram filter over the whole town. I left work early, got all dressed up, and met Dago at his office. Before we left, we exchanged gifts. I’ve been struggling to keep Dago’s present a surprise, both from him and y’all. I got us tickets to see Aziz Ansari in April! So, so excited about that. The only thing I asked Dago for was a box of assorted chocolates and to spend the evening together and out of the house. I got both! He also made a sweet Valentine card for me with our favorite inside joke, and he discovered my new favorite candy. He’s a keeper, ain’t he?
We got to the dance and the kiddos started showing up. There were so many weird things occurring to me throughout the night: high school girls look so much older, and the boys all look so young; why does no one dress up for events anymore?; since we do we crowd surf at a high school dance?; I can still do the Cha Cha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle; I’m not a very good chaperone; but I love to dance!
Also, the girls kept complimenting my dress, and I asked Dago if they were sincere or if they were trolling me. His response: “They love it! They think you look like you stepped out of The Carrie Diaries!”
Best. Answer.
Overall, it was a super fun night. I got to get dressed up and dance and laugh and love with my guy, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more!
How did you spend the day? I hope it was filled with love, both for yourself and others!
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