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These pants. Theeeese pants, I tell ya. I’ve had these pants for exactly a year now. I lusted over them for a hot minute on Forever 21’s website before I decided that I had to have them, and then ordered them before they all got bought up. I have only worn these pants four times, each one of them evidenced on the blog. I love them, but they’re a challenge.
In my mind, I was like “what won’t I style with these pants?” Ha. Arguably, I’ve done a pretty good job mixing it up and wearing them differently each time. But I still don’t know if I’ve mastered them.
I’ve had this outfit in mind for a while now. I wanted to look like a outfit post on Holly Dolly (my number one blogger icon, who also happens to own these pants…in two colors!). She’s so good at playing with patterns and volume, that I thought this outfit would fit right in among hers. I’ve had this outfit in my head, on her, in front of her garage door, for at least a month. As I was putting it on, I realized that it didn’t really look the way I had envisioned. It didn’t look bad, just not what I’d pictured. But, I figured I’d share the evidence anyway, just like I have before.
In case you were interested, here are the three other ways I’ve styled these ding darn pants.
cat hepburn (originally posted a year from tomorrow!)
Every other time, I’ve paired the jade with pink, so I thought I’d mix it up with mustard this time around. It’s not bad, but it’s not the best.
What about you? How would you style these pants?
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