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I’m starting a new blog series! Since many of my followers stick around for my posts on grown up goals and other becoming-an-adult type posts, I wanted to bring style into that side of my blog to help readers get their closets in grown up shape. Getting ready for interviews, building a wardrobe for office life, and knowing how to put all the pieces together can be challenges for a lot of people, so I’ll be sharing styling tips to help make it a little easier.

Recently, I was helping a friend figure out what to wear to her big interview via text. I would mention an article of clothing, and she would type out what pieces she had in that department. As she listed her pencil skirts, she mentioned a “weird purpleish one,” and I couldn’t help but think, “Why do you have that, much less tell me about it when getting ready for an interview?”
I started collecting pencil skirts from thrift stores just before graduating from college. They didn’t necessarily fit perfectly, but they were cost effective and they served a purpose, right? Wrong. Every time I got ready for an interview, I would get a terrible feeling in my stomach that I’d have to wear one of these ill-fitting skirts. The pockets stuck out, the fabric wrinkled along my thighs, it sat up too high or too low on my waist–they just didn’t make me feel awesome. I would see a pencil skirt that I loved that was on sale from a retailer like Loft or J.Crew Factory and think “well, I already own a skirt that’s kinda like this…so I guess I don’t need another.” So finally, I got rid of them.
We all have those items in our closet. Maybe we thrifted them, or impulse purchased at Target or Forever 21, or ordered it online and just never sent it back. They don’t quite fit right, and they certainly don’t make us feel awesome. It occurs to me that a lot of people don’t know this, but clothes should make you feel awesome! 
If it makes you feel bad about your body, get rid of it. Not only is it just sitting in the back of your closet, haunting you, but it’s taking up space that you could fill with something you really love. You deserve to fill your closet, and life, with things you really love!
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