life update

life updates

Since it’s the end of the month, I figured I’d do a little check in on life outside of my outfits. You know, the stuff I was doing while I wore them?
// I got my new computer! It took a bazillion days because certain parts of the Internet don’t believe I exist *cough Bill Me Later cough* but I got it! It’s an HP Envy Sleek. So far, I’m lovin’ it.
// I brought this sweet girl home with me a couple of weekends ago after a thrifting trip with my adorable co-worker. I’m thinking of setting up a schedule with my co-workers because they all seem to want to shop with me every weekend. There just aren’t enough days! So much shopping to do, so little time. Oh, and if you were wondering, the sleepy kitty hangs next to our front door, right above the light switches. 
// Not only is Briley a super talented photographer, but she’s a badass brunch thrower, too! She had a bunch of girls over for pancakes, fresh fruit, hot cocoa, and gossip. I brought the ingredients for my favorite brunch beverage: orange juice, champagne, raspberries, and mint leaves. Bonus: It’s even more delicious if you have a chalkboard table to set it on, like Miss Briley does!
// One of my small goals for the month was to make two-item meal at least once a week. I don’t think I did it last week (oops!), but I made myself waffles & eggs on Monday night and it was the most enjoyable. 
// I’ve picked up a new hobby: hoop art! I’m able to sit at my desk and take chats while embroidering away. It brings me so much peace to focus in on the little circle I’m working on. For my first one, I did a little inspirational quote on pretty vintage-y fabric. It’s super hard to read, which is extra disappointing because I did a pretty great job with the lettering. (To do the letters, I wrote out the quote in Photoshop in a pretty font, and then flipped my computer so that the screen was facing up. Then, I traced over the letters on the fabric with a pencil.) For the second one, I wanted to try something more design-oriented, and to test out my creativity. I eye-balled the whole thing without drawing any lines! I really like how this one came out. Both hoops hang on a corkboard next to my desk at work, and they bring me so much joy!
What have you been up to lately?

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